Webinar: Understanding Why Technical to Non-Technical Conversations Can Sometimes Be Challenging

By Sara O’Connor, Training Lead – Altis Sydney

This webinar considers the way we communicate in a technical environment and why it can sometimes be the source of challenge, tension and misalignment.

We start by reflecting on why communication is important, particularly when organisations are implementing a technical solution or strategy. From there we consider the non-technical person and what their state-of-mind may be like.

This leads us to the work of neuroscientist Matthew Liberman and his research around Social Threats that instigate a fight, flight or freeze response. For some people, a lack of clarity can be a trigger to put them into a Threat State. When in a Threat State it is harder to listen, work collaboratively, communicate effectively (and the list goes on). Not understanding the complexity of a technical solution or strategy can create a fight, flight or freeze response in the other party.

In this webinar, we discuss why it’s important to craft communication in a way that helps the other party understand. There are many techniques to craft clear messages and we consider one simple yet powerful tool in this webinar.

To learn more about how soft skills can benefit the technical person, watch the webinar recording below.

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