Trends in Public Sector Data Management & Data Sharing

Altis recently sponsored the Public Sector Data Management, Sharing and Publishing conference held in Canberra from 8-9 March 2016.

Over these two days, Matthew McNamara and two of his colleagues from our Canberra office engaged in some interesting and broad discussions with most of the 50 or so attendees and speakers.

A popular topic for discussion was around Open Data and there was consensus that government agencies need to move towards increased data sharing. Read on to hear Matthew’s key takeaways on what is motivating increased data sharing in the public sector.

So what’s driving this increased appetite for data sharing between government agencies?

They are releasing more non-sensitive public data for private sector innovation, and are using their data to improve service delivery and to inform policy development. Tony Bellwood from Dept. of Prime Minister & Cabinet says they are doing this by:

• Making appropriately anonymised and non-sensitive public data openly available by default so the private sector can use it to create new products and business models
• Providing free access to public data, with fees only applying for specialised data services
• Ensuring there’s a central place for all government data at
• Overcoming existing barriers to sharing data holdings across government to improve service delivery and policy analysis and evaluation
• Making a nationally significant geocoded address database available.

This transparency will lead both the community, industry and other government agencies to trust in data sharing. All agreed that open data can improve government and drive economic activity.

From the Commonwealth’s perspective the key benefits in Open Data will be:

• Improved delivery of information to the community
• Reducing their burden by increasing data consistency and reducing duplication across the agencies
• Promoting innovation from industry in the use of their open data

From the community and Industry’s perspective the key benefits in Open Data will be:

• Economic growth, as it will create opportunities for industry to value-add to government data by providing new services, systems and even industries
• Accountability, by increasing the visibility to government spending, the projects it funds and its effectiveness
• Better policy and programs, by enabling greater participation in policy planning and implementation resulting in a more informed public which will drive better decision making.

What can Altis do to help?

Altis can provide an independent maturity assessment of your open data policy and practices, resulting in a current state assessment showing the future state for your organisation to aim for with a strategy and roadmap on how to get there.


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