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Data Literacy

Data Literacy 101 (1 day)

More than ever it’s important that you and your team have the ability to read, work with, analyse, and argue constructively with data. In fact, global research firm Gartner ranks poor data literacy as the second-biggest internal roadblock to the success of the function of an organisation’s chief data officer. This one day course brings your team up to speed with the foundational elements of ‘speaking data’, from statistical concepts such as percentiles, means and correlations to treating outliers, ‘de-averaging’ and handling seasonal effects.

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Data Visualisation and Storytelling Workshop (1 or 2 days)

Based upon the teachings of Stephen Few, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, Edward Tufte and others, this is a technology independent introduction to best practice data visualisation and dashboard design.  Applying these principles has radically improved data visualisation take up and understanding in many organisations.


Power BI – Introduction (2 days)

This introductory course covers connecting to and extracting data, transforming the data, creating powerful reports and dashboards and publishing the results.  The hands-on sessions allow the delegates to practice what they have learned and have their work reviewed by other delegates and Altis experts.


Power BI – Advanced (1 day)

Advanced Power BI topics and troubleshooting driven by the delegates needs.  Hands-on sessions, theory and live demonstrations will comprise the delivery and delegate questions are welcomed and imperative to drive maximum value.


Tableau Authoring (2 days)

This introductory course covers the basic functions and capabilities of Tableau Desktop; from designing and developing analyses though to Dashboard creation and sharing outputs. This course also introduces some aspects of Data visualisation as they apply within Tableau.


Tableau Server Fundamentals (1 day)

This introductory course covers the basics of creating Tableau analyses from the Web interface of Tableau Sever. Note that this course requires the use of a Tableau Server instance with relevant content.


Data Storytelling with GCP BigQuery and Data Studio (1 day)

The first half of the workshop will enable you to bring data to life and use it to communicate an effective story to your audience, with a focus on simplicity and ease of interpretation. This is accomplished through a mix of data visualisation and storytelling theory and best practices.
The second half of the workshop is for you to practice and apply these new skills using Google BigQuery and Data Studio. BigQuery enables you to run super-fast queries and Google Data Studio enables you to create dashboards for data storytelling in minutes. By connecting to a variety of sources including Google Analytics, sheets and BigQuery, you can learn to put it all together in this content-packed 1 day workshop.

Predictive Analytics and Advanced Machine Learning in R and Azure (3 days)

Predictive analytics and machine learning techniques are revolutionizing business and government. Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in R and Azure is aimed at the person who wants to have a better understanding of the mechanics behind the models and how these models are realistically applied in the business setting. In addition to covering advanced machine learning techniques in depth, the course covers the management of stakeholder expectations during predictive analytics projects and analytics project management. Advanced machine learning methods are discussed in depth, including those used to win global data science competitions.


Data Storytelling for Business Course (2 days)

Data storytelling is predicted to be the top business skill of the next 5 years.
Well told data stories are change drivers within the modern organization. But how do we find the most important insights in our business data and communicate them in a compelling way? How do we connect the data that we have to the key underlying business issue? This course takes students from the fundamentals (what should we be measuring and why?) through to the elements of good visualization design (what does a good chart look like?) through to proficiency in data story telling. By the end of the course, students will know how to produce engaging, cohesive and memorable data stories using Excel and PowerPoint. The course also teaches attendees the importance of producing statistically robust visualizations and insights.


Introduction to Data Science, Big Data and Business Analytics (3 days)

Learn the fundamentals of data science and analytics, from problem formulation through to model building and interpretation of results.
Introduction to Data Science, Big Data and Business Analytics is aimed at the professional who wants an introduction to data science with a strong focus on business applications. By the end of the course, participants will be capable of building, tuning and deploying regression and classification models for a variety of business problems. Participants will also gain an understanding of unsupervised learning techniques and big data architecture. Taught using a variety of open source and cloud technologies, the course teaches techniques for handling, manipulating and analyzing high volume (millions of rows), high dimension (thousands of variables) business data. Real world projects from the DataSeer analytics consulting team are extensively used to illustrate how each model is used in the real world. Some familiarity with R or Python (in the form of self study or an online MOOC) is recommended prior to starting the course.


Getting started with R (1 day)

Course provides users with the knowledge to get the most out of R. Participants will learn how to use R efficiently & productively for data analysis, graphics & reporting.


Intermediate R (1 day)

Intermediate R Course builds on the Introductory course & includes the latest developments in R, including functions/packages for analysing big data & producing advanced visualisations.


Advanced R (1 day)

Attendees will learn how to develop and maintain code, troubleshoot and optimise R code, analyse and visualise large data-sets using the latest out-of-memory and big data graphics packages.


Data warehousing and BI Fundamentals (1 day)

An explanation of the terms and techniques utilised in data warehousing and business intelligence circles. This course provides foundational understanding for a project team and an initial stepping stone towards deeper learning including a summary of dimensional modelling


How to Ensure your Data Management function succeeds (2 days)

This two-day interactive course focuses on the main reasons for failure and how to combat them.  Each of the topics will be unpacked through explanation and feedback.  Delegates will then learn techniques to tackle the problems.

This course is not about a particular project management methodology nor does it focus on any particular toolset. Rather the course teaches principles citing real life examples of poor and good practice.


Dimensional Modelling workshop (2 days)

This workshop uses the tried and tested Kimball approach to dimensional modelling to produce a working, problem specific bus matrix that enables: prioritisation of data modelling, requirements gathering and ETL work, detailed design and effort estimation. This workshop is best held at the beginning of a data warehouse implementation project with the project team


SSIS Jump Start Kit training (1 day)

In depth hands-on training in how to install and use the Altis SSIS Jump start kits.  At the end of this course the delegates will be equipped with tools that have the potential to boost their productivity by 60% or more.  The basics can be delivered in one days whilst the second day focusses on the non-core, but highly beneficial, components of the Jump Start kits, such as the Automated Testing Framework.


SSIS custom workshop (1 day)

Needs driven workshop delivered over 1 or two days with an SSIS expert (or two!).  Explore the parts you didn’t know existed and leverage power you weren’t aware of.


Bringing Design Think Concepts to a Data Driven World (2 days)

This course brings together real world application of how to tackle your business problems with Design Think concepts and maximising the benefits from your data assets.  Starting from stakeholder engagement, through to utilising some of the newest concepts in data delivery today.


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