The Importance of Data Governance

by Mythili Baker, Head of Innovation – Altis Sydney

After attending the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Sydney last week it’s clear that data governance isn’t going anywhere and it’s still a major challenge for organisations.

The first main theme behind this I see is the growth of self-service. Tools such as Tableau, Qlik and Power BI are increasingly providing the tools for anyone with an interest in data to get their hands dirty.

This is a good thing, no longer do people have to wait for ages for a report. They can get stuck into data, find answers and share insights. But what happens when they share insights that are completely different from someone else’s on the same topic? See our previous blog on managing self-service teams.

Then, what happens when the insights they have weren’t appropriate to share?

That’s the second theme I see. Next to the continued rise of self-service analytics has been the increasing focus on data security. This has been partly legislatively driven with GDPR and other legislation forcing companies to put more focus on how they classify and manage data.

The increasing number of security breaches subject to the Notifiable breaches scheme has scared companies into putting in greater resources into data security.

Looking at data breaches, you can see that a significant portion of these is a result of human error.

Notifiable Data Breaches Statistics Report: 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

Source: OAIC

This points at greater training of employees which comes back to establishing data governance and understanding which people are allowed to do what with which data.

Data governance as a business need is not going away and although people can complain it’s tedious, the consequences are very serious for an organisation.

To understand how you can manage the analytics and self-service needs of your organisation with the growing need for data security and data governance get in touch with us.

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