Telling data stories using Melbourne Traffic Infringements data

Lindsey Abot and Rhubesh Goomiah from Altis’ Melbourne office noticed how often the traffic camera at Flinders and Williams Street was flashing and wondered how many infringements it recorded each year.

They found the answer on the Victorian Government’s ‘cameras saves lives’ website ( which has the statistics for the top 50 cameras in Victoria (including both fixed and mobile cameras) for speeding, red-light and unregistered vehicle fines.
Leveraging Lindsey’s expertise with Tableau’s data visualisation tool, they were able to analyse the available data (FY2012-FY2016) and found that it had an interesting story to tell.

  • The steep climb in infringements in March 2014 is the first thing that jumps out.  A bit more searching revealed that the red light camera at this intersection was changed to also capture speeding infringements at that time. 

  • There is then a steep fall in infringements over the next several quarters indicating that the presence of the camera has been having the desired effect and modifying driver behaviour.

  • There is a surprising steep rise in infringements over the first part of FY2016.  The cameras save lives website attributes this to a significant rise in camera up-time.  It will be interesting to see how long this upswing in infringements lasts.


Each of the top 50 cameras has its own story once the data is presented visually.  Explore the data interactively here to see which cameras made the list and to see what story they have to tell.

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