Some exciting announcements in the AWS Data and Analytics space ahead of re:Invent

Guillaume Jaudouin, AWS Practice Lead – Altis Sydney

In the few weeks leading up to AWS re:Invent, there have been a few important service enhancements announced in the data & analytics space. Here is your quick guide to the recent AWS announcements.

Two AWS Redshift announcement to start with:

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift

Automatic Table Sort

This enhancement complements existing performance automation updates like Vacuum / Delete Automation and Analyse Automation. This new feature removes the need for the administrator to track and execute table sorting.

Spatial data

A new data type is now available in Redshift: GEOMETRY. This data type allows the storage of Point, Linestring, Polygon, MultiPoint, MultiLinestring, MultiPolygon, and GeometryCollection. Additional SQL compatible spatial functions have also been added to work with this new data type.

Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena

On the Amazon Athena front, federated queries are now supported. This means that data stored in relational or non-relational sources can now be queried in addition to S3. Federated queries can be submitted across multiple data sources with the result stored in S3. In preview only.

Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR

Finally, an important announcement in the Amazon EMR space, where multiple parallel steps are now supported. This change allows more complex workload to be running on EMR and potentially reduce the overall execution time. Running steps can now also be cancelled.

Looking forward to the announcements that will be made in the next week at re:Invent.

For further information about AWS services at Altis visit our AWS Practice Page or contact our AWS Practice Lead Guillaume Jaudouin.

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