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Understand your subscriber information in as little as 8 weeks

Do you need to better understand your subscribers, their usage and revenue patterns?

How we help

We have developed a technology agnostic telecommunications data model that can be hosted in the cloud as a service that will quickly allow you to better understand your subscribers behaviour.


  • Three integrated Subject Areas:
    • Subscribers: Captures all subscriptions movements against key attributes, such as Channel (hierarchy), Devices, Geo Location, Plan & tariff, Campaign and offers and Acquisition Forecast.
    • Usage: Captures daily usage of the services using CDR and TDR. Provide atomic CDR/TDR as well as usage profile.
    • Revenue and Payments: Captures account related activities, such as Invoicing, invoice Payment, Collection and Due Payment, Credit Exposure (ATB), Point of Sales, Account Segments, Customer Demographic and Revenue Forecast.
  • An adaptable integration layer built using Open Source ETL that can be “lifted and shifted” to your legacy technology stack.
  • Preconfigured dashboards and reports which can be tailored to your specific reporting requirements.

Distinct benefits

  • Existing and proven data model with multiple implementations (Hutchison 3G, Orange, Telecom NZ, Telekom PNG).
  • Can be hosted in the cloud or ported to your on-premise infrastructure.
  • Ideal for MNVO, Telecom start-up and legacy systems transition.
  • Fast ROI – get benefits in as little as 8 weeks (requires source system initial extracts).

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