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Quickly identify variances in your reports using ReportComparer

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Do you experience data problems in reports again and again?
Do you want to compare reports to find the gaps immediately?

We have developed ReportComparer, which enables the quick and easy comparison of excel reports with the same schema.

For example, you want to understand what the differences are between the same report you ran last month and again this month, simply put the older report in a folder named Previous; and the latest report in a folder named Current. The tool will compare the reports and output the differences.


  • Simple and easy to use. Simply place reports to be compared in the appropriate Previous and Current folders, then run ReportComparer.
  • Summary report. A summary report is generated for the records you are interested in (rules setup in ReportComparer).
  • Detailed report. A detailed report of all records, with exception highlighting and comments detailing the difference. Exceptions are triggered by configurable rules.
  • Inbuilt rules and parameters. Users are able to select certain rules for each report.
  • Configurable rule priority. Users will be able to set the priority of rules, only records triggered by high priority rules to be written into the Summary Report.

Distinct benefits

Our pre-packaged solution allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily generate report differences.
  • Focus on high priority data variances highlighted through the Summary Report.
  • Easily trace back all variances in the Detailed Report. It’s quite common to want to compare reports with the same name that are generate at different times.  However, Microsoft Excel doesn’t allow user to open two Excel files with the same name at the same time, so users have to change the name of one of file and rename it back after. In the Detailed Report, users are able to check differences and source data easily.

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