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Regular Giving Analytics

Take control of your fundraising campaigns with all the insights you need to maximise
your ROI.

How we help

Advanced Fundraising allows you to forecast with accuracy your planned regular giving campaigns, then track actual performance so that you can take the necessary action to improve your campaign results. This tool takes away data crunching headaches and wasted time to give you the insights you need to do your job.

  • The app offers reporting and dashboarding for all the critical parts of your regular giving program
  • Key metrics reported include: attrition, average gift, CPA, declines, volumes and many others
  • Segment data by campaign, supplier, age, gender and more
  • Provides forecasting to help with budgets or long term planning
  • Easily see the ROI of your regular giving programs (past, present and future)
  • Benchmark your own program against others – you’ll be able to see how your program performs against other users of the App
  • Quickly identify issues in your program
  • Board reports taking too much of your time? Get the important pieces of data easily and quickly to make board reporting a much simpler process
  • Works seamlessly with your current CRM and you can see your data in an instant – current as of the latest upload
Distinct benefits
  • Maximum visibility of your regular giving program- data broken down by channel
  • Direct investments to the strongest performing channel through easily accessible data based on program performance
  • Identify the weak points in your program so you can focus on solving those issues and improve ROI
  • Allows you to look at multiple parts of your program to more easily identify solvable issues
  • Helps improve your data quality, giving you a truer picture of your program
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