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Validate, parse, geocode, and gain socio-economic insights from any Australian address with

How we help

Do you have location data that needs cleansing and quality geocoding?


  • An easy to use, fully documented web-based API.  
  • Use of the latest GNAF dataset, provided by the Australian Government. 
  • Pre-built logic allowing fuzzy matching of your location data to the GNAF data set.  
  • The ability to append longitude and latitude information to your existing data, allowing you to present your data geospatially.  
  • The ability to append ABS mesh block level data, allowing you to enhance your existing data with any ABS data set.  
  • The ability to view socioeconomic data, provided by the ABS, for the area surrounding an address.  
  • Batch processing of csv files for each of our functions.  

Distinct benefits

GeoMap is a quick and easy web service that can be used to: 

  • cleanse, 
  • validate, 
  • parse, 
  • geocode, or 
  • find socio-economic information for any Australian address. 

GeoMap uses official and updated datasets from the Australian Government to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability when validating addresses, parsing addresses, and providing socio-economic information. 

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