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We have created a suite of dashboards to enable you to quickly and easily see all the important metrics within your organisation

How we help

Altis have developed a set of best practice industry specific dashboards that can kick start and your analytics implementations and get to business outcomes fast.

Our quick start dashboards contain a selection of common KPIs and metrics to allow you to measure and monitor your business.  We have prebuilt dashboard solutions for:

  • Our solutions will work with whatever technology stack is in place at your organisation.
  • They have been developed based on our vast prior experience implementing these solutions with our clients over 20 years.
  • Each solution can be configured to meet the specific needs of your organisation.
Distinct benefits
  • Team members can focus on generating insights from the data instead of spending most of their time preparing it.
  • Automating the distribution of repeatable, secure reporting across multiple levels in the organisation.
  • The rules used in the reports are documented and available to users to help build a common understanding of the data across the organisation.
  • The solution can be extended to provide insights beyond standard reporting. Once the hard work of producing trusted datasets has been completed, analytical and machine learning capabilities can be utilised.

HR Dashboards

Quickly deploy HR Analytics to improve your workforce capabilities

ASL Reporting
*sample data

The HR Analytics Solution contains a selection of common HR and Workforce planning scenarios that are used by managers and the Performance Planning team.

  • They provide analytics from section-level reports for managers to organisation-wide reports for the People and Performance team.
  • The same datasets prepared for internal reporting can be used to meet external reporting requirements. Implementations at government agencies has included reports for the Department of Finance, mandatory reporting outcomes to the APSC and gender reporting to WGEA.
  • They allow drill and filter for detail on different facets of your organisation to gain an understanding of workforce size, leave patterns, employee attrition and diversity.

Try out our Commonwealth Government sample solution that contains additional reports on ASL workforce size and Team Performance.

View sample dashboard

Smart Meter Analytics

Making the most of your smart meters from day 1

*sample data

Our smart meter analytics dashboards help you make the most of your smart meters from day 1. Using our extensive experience in water utilities to understand the types of analytics that are most valuable, Altis have developed a solution that will enable any water utility to immediately analyse the data collected from their smart meters.

  • The solution allows slicing and filtering of the data by relevant criteria such as time, location, customer, meter etc. and enables business insights to be quickly derived around the following:
  • Improved understanding of customer consumption behaviour and correlation to time of day, day of week, household profile (e.g. number of occupants, appliances in use)  and external factors such as weather (temperature and rainfall).
  • Quick identification of anomalous customer consumption over a period of time, including continuous consumption, potential leaks and high usage.
  • Analysis of consumption trends and patterns at an aggregated level, e.g. by suburb, customer type, customer profile etc.

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Utility Debt Analytics

Dive deep into your utility debt and take smarter action

Utility Debt Dashboard
*sample data

A plug-n-play analytics solution for utility debt to investigate patterns and relationships, visualize trends and highlight areas of interest.

  • Extensive prebuilt dashboards customizable for your needs
  • Time series analysis and forecasting of long-term debt
  • Breakdown debt by key factors like account type, bill type and debt stream or by location
  • Filter by a range of variables to uncover patterns and useful insights in the data
  • Automate the pattern discovery process using machine learning such as neural networks and dimensionality reduction

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Incident Analytics

Optimise management of incidents for better deployment of resources.

*sample data

A ready-made incident analytics solution to simplify and optimise the management of incidents affecting your customers or your own organisation.

  • Extensive prebuilt dashboards customisable for your needs: allowing for the monitoring of incidents occurring in real time.
  • Visualise historical incident occurrences and identify incident trends; allowing for any negative trends to be quickly addressed.
  • Filter down incidents to only those of a certain severity, type, location or a time frame.
  • Gain a spatial understanding of where your incidents are occurring by visualising them on a map: better facilitating the efficient management of teams to response to these incidents.
  • Visualise any incident metadata or any other textual data associated with an incident.

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