Proactively monitor your data warehouse and business intelligence solution with DW pulse.TM

DW pulseTM allows you to free up your resources without compromising data integrity for your business users.

How we help

Real-time monitoring and a suite of alerts and accessible reports make maintaining your DWBI solution easy.

Is your Data Warehouse solution working?

  • Performance and integrity: does the business trust your data warehouse and business intelligence solution?
  • Are you able to proactively identify and resolve issues?
  • Are your data warehouse and business intelligence support costs high?

Introducing DW pulseTM

  • Proactively monitor your data warehouse and business intelligence solution automatically.
  • All key monitor data stored safely and securely using cloud capability.
  • Alerts are accessed via hand held devices or web browser by authorised users.


Distinct benefits

  • Provides reliable and consistent best practice monitoring and reporting of your DWBI solution – immediately available.
  • Free up valuable resources without compromising the integrity of your data warehouse and business intelligence solution.

Unique features

  • Live Health Reports – Highlight how the latest load process has performed compared to the previous week, across a range of indicators including ETL Run times, Report Usage, Cube usage, Health Overview dashboard, reindexing requirements report, sizing and growth reporting.
  • Alert Reporting – Highlight potential issues such as Job Failures, Excessive CPU and Memory, Disk Space Shortage, Database Backup Failure, Current solution Blocks.
  • Data Reconciliation Reporting – Reveal discrepancies in record counts as data flows through your solution.
  • Benchmark Reports – Demonstrate how your DWBI solution performs compared to other organisations in your region/industry vertical/technology base.
  • Optional cube user reporting – unique cube performance reports.

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