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DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. DevOps is complementary with Agile software development; several DevOps aspects came from Agile methodology.


  • CICD
    Altis DevOps framework employs continuous integration and delivery. In this practice, development teams merge code changes into the central repository on a daily basis triggering automated build and testing. This helps to find and address the defects as quickly as possible. Continuous delivery approach extends the continuous integration by releasing features to Test and Production on a regular basis. With CICD, developers are always ready with deployment ready data pipeline tested through automated testing process. Altis enable CICD using tools like AWS Opsworks, Azure DevOps, Jenkins and Octopus.
  • Infrastructure as Code
    Using this DevOps approach infrastructure is provisioned and managed using code and software development techniques, such as version control and continuous integration. The cloud’s API-driven model enables developers and system administrators to interact with infrastructure programmatically, and at scale, instead of needing to manually set up and configure resources. Altis implements this practice using tools like AWS CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, Puppet.
  • Automate Data Quality Check & Reporting
    Altis DevOps approach for Data automate Data Quality checks in the ETL pipeline. Because of this any data issue is highlighted during the regression test cycle during the CICD process. Altis will deploy the Data Quality checks in production to enable Data Operations to monitor data quality during operational life cycle. Altis will use the inhouse frameworks to implement this approach.
  • Auditing and Logging
    To monitor, measure and performance of the data integration pipeline capturing audits and logs is essential. Audits and logs help understand how the platform responds changes in data volumes and get insight into errors. Audit and Logging allows for faster resolution of issues in production. Altis frameworks for data platforms have inbuilt Audit and logging capability which can be used without writing custom code.
  • Integrate Business, Analytics and Engineering
    One of the key cultural feature of DevOps is collaboration. Apart from merge Development and Operations, Altis approach brings Business and Analytics creating closer alignment. Increased collaboration leads to business feedbacks incorporated into data pipelines quickly and deployed into production. Altis uses its Agile Delivery Methodology and Data Governance approach to drive collaboration and communication between teams.

Distinct Benefits


  • Eliminate Silos by improving collaboration
  • Improve Data Quality
  • Trust and Reliability of your data
  • Accelerate delivery to production
  • Eliminate Environment Issues
  • Innovate Faster
  • Increase operational efficiency.

Altis Advantage


  • Platform Agnostic Altis DevOps Framework.
    Altis has developed reusable DevOps framework for cloud that is platform independent. Be it Azure, AWS or GCP, Altis Framework could be used to implement DevOps practices in your organization.
  • Cloud data warehouse CI/CD framework. Compatible with a range of CDWH
  • Transition from CICD to DevOps to DataOps.
    Using Altis Data Governance frameworks and automated Data Quality Checks for ETL pipeline, transition from DevOps to Data-Ops by improving collaboration between business, analytics and engineering teams.
  • Infrastructure as Code.
    Take advantage of Altis cloud infrastructure templates to avoid environment and configuration issues between environments. Automate upgrade and maintenance processes.

Practice Leads


Guillaume Jaudouin (Australia)

Tel: +61 2 9211 1522

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