The Altis Data Load Accelerator (DLA)

Automate the loading and transformation of your data using our metadata-driven accelerator


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The Challenge

Can your analytics team keep up with business demand for data?


Today’s business users have an increasing appetite for using data to drive business decisions. From consumer insights to streaming asset data, modern analytics use cases are growing in scope and the value they provide. The challenge is that development of Modern Data Analytics Platforms require ingestion of data from multiple siloed data sources, this typically involves time consuming custom coded logic. The result is that too much time is spent on ingesting and transforming data instead of enabling the business to gain insights from the data.


The Old Way

Our solution

Automate the loading and transformation of your data using our metadata-driven accelerator


That’s where the Altis Data Load Accelerator can help. Using our advanced metadata driven framework, custom coding requirements are dramatically reduced. Altis DLA provides pre-built logic and data orchestration templates to ensure your development time is spent on value-add business requirements. Our DLA caters for Azure, AWS, Snowflake and on-premise SQL and any integration software. It can be easily tailored to your requirements.


The Altis Solution

Altis Advantage

Our metadata framework is built from our over 20+ years experience in building data pipelines, warehouse and analytics solutions.


Altis DLA reduces traditional development time by over 50%.


  • High Business Satisfaction – Fast ingestion of data from source to landing layer to support Speed 2/ experimentation use cases.
  • Feature Rich “Out of the Box” – Traditional RDBMS (Refresh, CDC, SCD-2), files (CSV, Excel), streaming, time-series/IoT, API and semi-structured data sets (e.g. Parquet, JSON) patterns.
  • Extendibility/Adaptability – Patterns can be reused for data quality or data reconciliation solutions. Modular “plug & play” design.
  • Easier maintenance and support – Pre-built audit, error logging, restartability, parallelism, single location for business logic. Requires straightforward SQL skills to support.
  • Reduced test cycles/regression testing – Same code base is reused across all load patterns reducing traditional testing cycles significantly.
  • Data Ops and Data Governance Friendly – Ready for code management and multiple data personas.
  • AI/ML Ready – Able to plug and play AI/ML pipelines into your ingested data store.

Our DLA is a proven pattern, it’s been used in 12+ Altis clients across wide-ranging business verticals like utility companies, financial firms, media and transport.

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