Azure Data Framework

Use our Azure Data Framework to establish an Azure Environment that will allow you to rapidly ingest data and deliver business insight.

Azure Framework

With more than 20 years’ experience in Data and Analytics, we know how to help organizations make better decisions with their data.




Should we invest more time getting data into a Data Warehouse (DW) or spend more time analysing the data and creating insights for the business?


This is a common question asked by our customers across both IT and Business.

Data which is modeled in a format that is easy to consume by self-service BI tools provides a robust solution for a mature Data Warehouse and Analytics solution; however, can this process be sped up?

In order to address this, Altis has developed a collection of Framework in Azure to get the most out of your investment and deliver quicker insights. Altis Azure Framework is made up of the following:

  • Azure Data Factory Metadata Driven Framework; used to automate data integration from various source systems into Azure.
  • CICD Framework; allows for continuous Integration of code and allow the team to automate deployment to different environments
  • Reconciliation and Automated Testing Framework; used to automate testing and provide a reconciliation report to Business and IT.
  • Auditing Framework; This feature is built within the Azure Framework and is used to track each record through its lifecycle from extract to Staging to Dimension and Facts. The Auditing provides re-start ability to the ADF framework and error logging throughout the Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) process.


The Framework can be rapidly set up in an Azure environment which will allow you to ingest data into the DW with ease to quickly deliver business insight. The framework is a growing entity, it has been successfully implemented on multiple projects and continues to evolve and mature through each implementation.

The diagrams below illustrate the components that make up the Altis Framework, some of the key features, and the benefits of implementing the framework as part of your Modern Data Platform.








The Azure Framework will deliver data into Azure at a much faster rate, as a result some clients have seen a reduction of the overall development effort of ingesting data by 60-70%. This will allow you to focus more effort on providing the right dimensional model for self-service and thus delivering Business Insights with increased agility.

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