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Transform the way you build your modern-day Data Analytics Platform with AWS


With more than 20 years’ experience in Data and Analytics, we know how to help organizations make better decisions with their data.


With a growing emphasis on delivering data in AWS “Cloud” for analytics, there has been a big focus on automating this process and delivering a platform that is scalable, efficient and cost-effective.

Benefits of automation can also extend into the management of infrastructure of resources that are required for development processes. Focusing on automating this repeatable and manual process can allow your data team to focus on building the data platform, to gather the key business insights and enable you to make those critical business decisions rather than spending time on manually maintaining the infrastructure and resources they require.

‘Infrastructure as code’ now allows users to treat infrastructure simply as code where they can specify exactly the resources they need for their environment, save this code as a template that can be stored in a source control system and re-used anytime to spin up a new environment altogether. Automating this process not only provides greater agility and scalability but also cost efficiency for your team.

Leveraging the benefits of all these automated models and bringing TOGETHER the extensive experience Altis has had in delivering several Data Analytics platforms, we have developed a framework that fully automates the process of extracting, transforming and loading the data into a central repository WHILE reducing your cost of operations and the time-to-value, allowing your end users to focus on the important task of data analysis and reporting.

Our key goal for building this framework was to provide you with the performance, flexibility and control to support the various rapid changes that your business goes through on a daily basis as well as help you grow this platform efficiently along with your business.



The diagram below illustrates the data flow and the services that make up the Altis AWS Serverless Data Lake Framework



View our Webinar Transform The Way You Build Your Modern Day Data Analytics Platform With AWS for a more in-depth overview.




  • Event driven execution. There is no need to wait for a schedule, as the data is ingested as soon as it arrives.
  • Fully managed ETL service that makes it easy to transform and load data
  • Simple interface for serverless interactive querying of data by users
  • Distributed and partitioned data, for parallel processing​.
  • Equipped for future or unknown use cases
  • Comprehensive data catalogue to easily search for all data assets
  • Encryption at rest and in transit



  • Automated data collection pipeline allowing for faster extraction and analysis of data.
  • Ability to run code in multiple languages without provisioning of servers
  • Columnar compressed storage for highly efficient read operations​.
  • Data replication for durability and resilience, making the data, compute, and analytics components highly available​.
  • Decoupling of storage and compute
  • Easy resource management and deployment.
  • Simple access management.
  • High availability / Geo replication

Practice Leads

We encourage you to connect with us and our team to talk about how we can help with your Modern Data Platform Journey, we can help you determine the readiness of your organisation and organise a more in-depth technical demonstration.


Guillaume Jaudouin

Guillaume is the AWS Practice Lead at Altis and is part of our Sydney consulting team. Guillaume is a certified AWS Architect and has expertise in Big Data, Data Warehousing and Analytics.

He loves travelling and staying in a place long enough to discover the unexpected. Scuba and sport keep him fit and believing ‘all men who achieve great things have been great dreamers’ keeps him dreaming.

Tel: +61 2 9211 1522

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