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Monitor the performance of your Amazon Redshift cluster

We have created a dashboard that shows all the important metric information about  your queries, tables, disks and nodes.

How we help

Do you have a Redshift Cluster that needs to be monitored quickly and effectively?


The dashboard shows the following metrics:  

  • Current and total users
  • Query count over time
  • CPU usage of queries
  • Most commonly executed queries
  • Table information
  • Query alerts
  • Disk usage information
  • Transaction locks that have been granted


Distinct benefits

Our application allows you to easily view performance metrics.

These metrics are often mentioned in performance tuning articles for Amazon Redshift.

Monitoring this information can provide insights into the following:

  • When tables need to be vacuumed or analysed
  • When queries are taking longer than usual
  • How much space there is available on the disks
  • Which tables are commonly queried and which are not

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