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Fast track your SSIS development while ensuring the highest quality standards.

How we help

Specially developed templates to accelerate the development of SSIS packages.

The ETL Jumpstart Kits are based largely on Kimball best practice and have been designed to provide a framework for consistent ETL development practices. Available for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and 2016.


  • Highly configurable templates – simplify the process of moving packages between environments or when deploying packages to multiple servers.
  • Configurations stored within the database – allowing data to be included in standard back-up and restore procedures.
  • Generic set of Variables – dynamic package variables are provided which are applicable to a data warehouse implementation.
  • Flexible ETL architecture – allowing flexibility when extracting from source systems that are updated at different times or allow a limited access window to extract data.
  • Parent/ child template packages – provides a Parent (or Master) package to arrange child packages into a logical sequence that represents the order in which they need to be processed. Furthermore, when a child package is executed from a parent package the parameters are passed from the parent to the child.
  • Error Handling – contains error flows such as single row error redirection.
  • Logging and Auditing – captures all events raised.
  • Checkpoints – provides guidelines on checkpoints and transaction handling to enable restart and rollback.
  • Established naming standards – naming standards have been applied at the package, task and component levels.
  • Use of Kimball SCD Component – is proven to offer significant performance improvements compared to the pre-installed Microsoft-equivalent component.
  • Templates self-documented – annotations are provided throughout the templates for ease of understanding.

With the release of MS SQL Server 2016, Altis have enhanced our 2016 Jumpstart Kits, to include:

  • Azure and AWS cloud solutions – including a Cloud Security Framework.
  • Archiving – off-load cold and only occasionally queried data to Azure SQL Stretch DB.
  • SQL Server 2016 enabled features (Stretch DB, Polybase).
  • Big Data Enabled.
  • Bot builders.
  • Machine Learning Analytics.

Distinct benefits

Reduce the cost of the design phase of projects (on average around 60% reduction in project design costs).

  • Lower BAU support costs and effort (average of 35% savings on BAU costs across our customers).
  • Reduce development errors through a consistent approach.
  • Easier to train internal development team.

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