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Source to Target mappings made easy

The Source to Target Accelerator has been developed to speed up the process of developing SSIS ETL Packages. The tool uses a source to target template with BIML generating code to accelerate the development of your SSIS packages.

How we help

Specially developed templates to accelerate the development of SSIS packages.

Simply document your source to target mappings with business rules and the majority of your work is done. The output packages are guaranteed to meet our high ETL standards and are consistent with the Altis ETL Jumpstart Kits.

Distinct benefits

  • Speeds up the development of SSIS ETL packages reducing the time to develop your ETL code or Data Warehouse.
  • Speeds up the documentation for Source to Target transformations.
  • Offers limited data profiling capabilities to assist in the development of SSIS packages

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