Putting People First – The Altis Way

by Charmaine Loratet, Head of People & Culture

For many of us working, we are finding ourselves in uncharted waters as we adjust to the new normal whilst faced with a global pandemic.

For us here at Altis Consulting, we have continued to focus on our core business values of ‘Connecting with Courage, Heart and Insight’. As a people-first company, we live by an ethos of doing things with conviction and committing to giving back within the wider community and the current climate has not altered this, in fact, I would say that this has only been strengthened during these trying times.

Whilst some of us have voluntarily worked remotely in the past, being asked to do so and for an unknown period of time can often lead to feelings of isolation.

As a business where people come first, we have recently introduced some new tactics to ensure we continue to maintain connections and support our team whilst working remotely.

Here is some insight into what we are doing:

I’m hopeful that sharing our own insights will be beneficial to you in some way. I’m sure that many others have come up with some innovative ways to adjust to the new normal and I would love to hear them, so please feel free share these in the comments section below.

Stay safe everyone.

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