This month marks the 20th Birthday of Altis and we want to acknowledge our team and clients that enabled us to celebrate this milestone. Our co founders, Hyun and Gavin, founded Altis with the idea of creating an organisation that did things differently: focusing on staff and client happiness and not on quarterly financial results;

Big Data and Analytics Maturity Assessment Before I share some navigational aids for the Big Data world, I’d like to announce that Altis is putting together the first Big Data and Analytics Maturity Assessment specific to Australia and New Zealand. To produce this, we need a statistically relevant sample size. Benefits to you: For the first

Happy Holidays! As we head off for a couple of weeks of recuperation, I would like to share a few of our most recent Insight items, including three Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects and the key blog posts over the last couple of months. AI 1:  Predicting product failures for a white goods manufacturer. Using our

  Our Big Data and the Cloud War Stories Last year, over 40% of our delivery work utilised Big Data technologies such as Spark and Hadoop or was delivered in the cloud using AWS or Microsoft Azure platforms.  There were two themes that stood out for these projects. Clients are comfortable with an agile “learn