The Altis Buzz – March 2018

This month marks the 20th Birthday of Altis and we want to acknowledge our team and clients that enabled us to celebrate this milestone.

Our co founders, Hyun and Gavin, founded Altis with the idea of creating an organisation that did things differently: focusing on staff and client happiness and not on quarterly financial results; acknowledging and supporting the whole of the individual and not just role of the employee; striving to understand and deliver value to our clients and not just satisfying contractual clauses; growing, learning and succeeding as a team and not just as individuals. We believed if we had the courage to do it differently, we could succeed in our own way, by our own criteria, by our own measures. We have!

Today we stand as the leading Data and Analytics consultancy in Australia and New Zealand with an enviable blue chip customer list. This is the result of our team’s commitment to our ethos of “Connecting with Courage, Heart & Insight”.

Each team member, current or past played an important role in this achievement and we want to thank you.

Lastly, we would like to thank our clients.  A client comes in two flavors.  First, the client logos including companies that have been continuously working with us for 20 years to new organisations that we have recently commenced with.  Second and more importantly are the individuals that we “connect” with and help achieve.  You are the reason that we love to come to work everyday and make a difference. Thank you for supporting Altis over these many years.

Again, each of you played an important part in this achievement and laying the foundation for an exciting future.



Altis has launched a geocoding service – We built this in response to the needs of our clients for a service that allows validation, cleansing and geocoding of any Australian address simply and cost effectively.

The service also provides socio-economic data from ABS relevant to the address such as indexes of socio-economic advantage and disadvantage which include economic resources, occupation and education scores.

A key feature that is valued by our users is the bulk function that allows you to cleanse and validate a large number of addresses at once. To find out more about GeoMap, fill in your details online and we will get in touch with you shortly.

HR Reporting made easy

Having recently completed several HR reporting projects, we believe there are still a number of organisations that are struggling to deliver timely insights into their workforce.

Using our experience and expertise we have compiled a suite of reports that can be used to kick-start your workforce analytics implementation. These have been built using Power BI, but as a technology-agnostic company, our solution will work with whatever your technology stack is in place at your organisations.

We would love to speak with you about how we can enable you to improve your workforce insights, so get in touch if you would like to see a demo or to find out more.
On Demand Training
Build your Data & Analytics knowledge and hone the skillsets required to manage the proliferation of organisational data.

From data storytelling to technical and modeling, our extensive suite of training courses provides you with critical insights and structured learning across the Data and analytics value chain.

All of our courses can be tailored to your specific requirements and can be delivered onsite or in our offices.

Some courses on offer include:
– Data Visualisation
– Predictive Analytics & Advanced Machine Learning in R & Azure
– Dimensional Modeling
– Bringing Design Think workshops to a Data Driven World

To view our other courses on offer, head over to our training page to find out more

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