By using our Managed Services, businesses have absolute confidence and peace of mind in the safety and management of their data.

Offsite or onsite, and with a program tailored to your requirements, our Managed Services allow you to focus on your core business.

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We manage your data for you, safely and securely, with tangible benefits.

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Building in-house expertise that can develop and manage a Data Warehouse is an expensive and difficult exercise. Additionally, managing an internal team capable of maintaining and upgrading an information management solution demands significant responsibility and continual knowledge transfer.

This is where we can help with our Managed Services. Using Altis as your high quality outsource partner allows you to concentrate on the things you do best, while we manage your data for you – more efficiently, more reliably, at less cost and less risk. We provide both offsite and onsite Managed Services, developing a tailored solution that fits your particular business needs.

By providing Managed Services that cover the specialist resources needed to maintain and upgrade your Information Management solution, you can take advantage of distinct, tangible benefits:

Cost reduction

Investing in enough people with the right skills to manage your data and data warehouse operation takes funds and resourcing away from other critical activities. As a proven outsource partner, we have the scale, resources, technical skills and experience to be more cost-effective.

Risk mitigation

Every business with an established data warehouse and BI reporting capability faces the issue of key subject-matter experts or technical developers leaving. Outsourcing to Altis mitigates that risk as our skilled team takes accountability for your success.

Greater technical expertise

Keeping up with technology, choosing the right platforms for your business and knowing how to resolve IT issues is a huge challenge if it’s not your organisation’s core skill. We understand a wide variety of technologies and have the deep technical skills to ensure your investment in data is protected and you’re able to plan for the future. We have the best people in the business, highly-trained and connected to the most-respected thought leadership in the field. Having their skills at your disposal enable your business to get the edge on your competitors at a fraction of the cost of internal ownership.

Data availability

Data when and how you need it. If your system fails overnight it can cause problems for days if not attended to quickly. We ensure your systems are monitored and problems are addressed and fixed before you even get into the office. No need to be woken in the middle of the night – our skilled team will have you fully covered.

Stability and safety

We have local knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries. We have the proven stability of service and technical experience, to give you absolute confidence in us as the safest outsource partner for your data.

Innovation opportunities

With our broad skills and highly-experienced team, we are also able to provide greater innovation around data, such as the most effective ways to present information – and so help you take advantage of new opportunities.
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Head of Managed Services

We encourage you to connect with us and our team to talk about how we can help with your Managed Services needs.


Florita du Preez

Florita is the Head of Managed Services at Altis and is part of our Auckland team.

Tel: +64 9 369 1910

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