Learning About Project Delivery From a Chef

Learning about project delivery from a chef

by Andrew Bilsdon, Delivery Lead – Altis Sydney

I have the pleasure of working with a colleague who was a professional chef. He is humorous and keen to share his experiences with those of us who have time to chat.

One day, we were discussing the latest reality show that involves chefs and young aspiring cooks who are keen to demonstrate how skilled they are in the kitchen.

He was philosophical and said that to him, whilst the show made some valid points, what cooking was really all about was:

  • Not being overly technical, less is more. Showing off does not impress and often results in failure.
  • Working with heart, for a specific customer matter. The closer the relationship, the greater the reward for both parties.
  • It’s not about being cutting edge. Whilst it has its place, using good solid technique and quality products is far more important.
  • TEAM, TEAM, TEAM. An effective and cohesive team that is trusted, motivated and empowered to work without close supervision is vital.
  • Delivering predictable, high-quality product that builds a solid reputation.

Hopefully, by now, the light bulb has gone off for you. This is similar to what we do daily, the main difference is that what we deliver does not provide a fleeting moment of satisfaction it can last for many years. Of course, the bitter taste of dissatisfaction can last even longer if we get it wrong!

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