JISC and HEPI in the UK publish a Headline News article referencing the success of Altis’ work on Learner Analytics in Australia.

JISC – a not-for-profit organisation that encourages Higher education institutes to adopt digital services and solutions, and HEPI –  a UK think tank devoted to higher education, published a news article earlier this week entitled ‘Reducing drop-out rates with Technology: Learning from Australia.’

This article reviewed best practice approaches across the world, and referenced the work that Altis delivered with the University of New England (UNE) as a success story. UNE managed to reduce its drop out rates from 18% to 12% using its Early Alert system. This system was designed by UNE and delivered by Altis Consulting – providing a clear case study for the success of Learner Analytics. This system was originally implemented in 2011 and has been providing benefit since. The work undertaken by UNE achieved a number of awards, including an Australian Learning and Teaching Award, an Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) Commendation and an Australian Learning and Teaching Council citation.  Altis were very proud to have played our small part in helping the University of New England win these awards.

Building on this experience Altis have developed a new Learner Analytics kick start, called BloomThrive, in association with the University of London – specifically tailored for the UK market – to help UK Universities gain similar results.

For any enquiries regarding Altis, BloomThrive or Learner Analytics in the UK please contact Peter Hopwood or Daley Davis on +44 208 133 5095 or email: connect@altisglobal.co.uk


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