How To Get Senior Leadership Alignment Around Data & Analytics

By Chris Kearns, Regional Manager – Altis UK

Organisations have no shortage of data available from corporate systems such as Finance, HR, CRM, etc. but the challenge is bringing all this data together to support decision making. There are proven approaches for bringing such data together for use in reporting and analytics platforms but this requires an investment of time and money. The real challenge, therefore, is how to get senior leadership aligned around such Data & Analytics initiatives and to support such an investment.

The University of Aberdeen has recently been through the process of seeking such support for investment in Data & Analytics. The University is moving towards a culture of data-supported decision making. With myriad stakeholders across the institution, multiple source systems, multiple reporting tools and processes, plus various other obstacles, the challenge was to get senior leadership alignment around Data & Analytics initiatives.

Hulda Sveinsdottir, Director of Planning at the University of Aberdeen along with Chris Kearns and Sam Riggs from Altis Consulting presented at the UK Charity IT Leaders virtual conference on 16 Oct 2020 and talked about how they went about getting senior leadership alignment around Data & Analytics.

  • Hulda described the situation the University faced, what they were looking to achieve, and how they chose Altis to assist them with a Data & Analytics Strategy & Roadmap engagement.
  • Chris provided an overview of the Strategy & Roadmap project approach, how senior leadership were engaged throughout, and how senior leadership ultimately came to support the University’s Data & Analytics vision.
  • Sam provided an overview of the solution delivered in phase 1 of the roadmap execution and how senior leadership continued to be engaged.
  • Hulda wrapped things up by discussing the benefits realised by the University to date and planned next steps.

The presentation is a practical guide for how you can go about getting senior leadership alignment around Data & Analytics in your organisation. I encourage you to watch the video and please feel free to connect with me if you’d like to learn how we can help you.

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