Five Signs your organisation needs a data science team

Today saw the conclusion of our Analytics Roadshows, where Isaac Reyes, Altis Head of Data Science presented on the “Five signs your organisation needs a data science team – assembling the right mix of data savvy professionals for the changing nature of business data”.

Our roadshows were held in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and the final event in Canberra this morning.  We had over 100 people attend the sessions with fantastic conversations and interactions at the events.

Isaac talked about the following five signs that your organisation needs a data science team:

#1   All of your competitors have a data science team

  #2  You already use quantitative models 

  #3  You are collecting significant amounts of data

  #4  You already have business intelligence in place

  #5  The organisation is ready to make the structural and cultural changes to accommodate a data science team 

We went on to talk about how to move forward once you’ve established that you need a data science team, were Isaac proposed three approaches for moving forward:


  • The consultancy approach 
  • The team approach 
  • The unicorn approach

Finally Isaac shared some data visualisations that he refers to as the “Apathy Gap” the gap between what we (the general English speaking populous) believe are the top five important global issues, namely Global Warming, Human Rights, Poverty, Sexism and Sustainability versus what we actually search for on the internet, where celebrities are searched for more than all of the five top global issues put together.

If you missed our events and want to learn more about either the five signs or how to move forward in establishing a data science capability within your organisation contact your local Altis office to organise a discussion.

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