Do you rely on TM1 for your financial budgeting and planning or reporting?

Do you know that on 24th November 2016 all TM1 servers will stop working? This is due to the SSL certificates expiring on this day.  In order for you to have TM1 up and running you will need to ensure that new SSL certificates are in place.

What are your options:

Disable SSL (insecure)
Switch to V2 certificates (recommended) 
Wait to see if IBM releases a fix pack for 10.2
Upgrade TM1 to 10.2.2 install FP6 and then SSL certificate fix (time consuming)

How can we help?

Altis Managed Services have developed a solution based on Option 2, where we will remotely manage the loading of V2 certificates through your development, test and production environments.  For just $5,000 we can remove your risk and ensure TM1 is working when you need it.

Moving forward, we can manage your entire TM1 environment for as little as $5,000 per month and give you absolute confidence and peace of mind in the safety and management of your data.

Want to learn more?

Contact us at or call us at 02 9211 1522.

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