Proven frameworks enabling investment and delivery of data and analytics projects.

Our tools for strategy, planning and management ensure you get more from your information.

Strategy and Roadmaps

Define the quickest and most effective path to deliver tangible outcomes from your Data and Analytics investment.

A proven approach to turn your data into positive tangible results.

Effective information management strategies can help increase revenue, profitability and effectiveness, as well as reduce costs.

We have a proven approach to provide you with access to your information and help you understand it, so you can make the right decisions to maximise business performance with confidence.

This approach provides a defined and pragmatic methodology for what is typically a complex activity and breaks it down into manageable steps, overlaid with our industry and technical intellectual property. Specifically, we design roadmaps with 8-12 week deliverables that provide tangible results for your organisation.

Vendor Independence

We are a strategic partner with all of the leading business intelligence, data visualisation, analytics, and data management providers, but we are not resellers. That means we can offer independent advice on the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Health Check

Effective assessment and strategies for improvement.

Critical to effective planning and implementation is understanding your current situation, identifying issues, limitations and most importantly opportunities to turn your data into actionable insights. We have a proven framework to understand your current environment and recommend improvements to drive better business value.

We provide a range of Health Checks for different areas of business and data management, including:

Data and Analytics Health Check

This is an assessment of how well your organisation is meeting its own informational needs and examines key information delivery areas like quality (fit-for-purpose, timeliness) and efficiency (the effort you are expending). We also examine how your delivery and support team works to identify any issues and ‘gaps’ in strategy, infrastructure, data and various people dimensions.

The results help us create a business case for change, developing a high-level transformation roadmap that is prioritised by your business need, level of complexity and cost of change.

As we are vendor-independent, you can make investment and transformation decisions that best fit your needs.

User Experience Health Check

This check provides an independent review of your Data and Analytics solution from a user’s point of view, and identifies strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement to align with your business objectives and industry best practices.

We uncover problems and risks with the current solution, provide an independent review against industry best practices and define a common ground for discussion, measurement and improvement.

Data Quality Health Check

Every day organisations make business decisions assuming the information in their system is accurate, but for many it can be costly if the data is flawed, outdated or unchecked. It’s estimated that organisations lose 20-30% of their operating revenue every year due to data quality and process issues.

We provide businesses with an independent, 5-step Data Quality Audit so they have a better understanding on the accuracy of their data. In addition, by running regular Altis data health checks help businesses reduce risk and regulatory non-compliance, improve their decision making capability, increase operational efficiency and eliminate costs.

Tool Selection

A vendor-independent methodology for clear and unbiased decision-making.

Effective tools for objective assessment.

Our clients understand that Data and Analytics are strategic enablers. We have found that this awareness is increasingly complemented by a driving need to ensure that they get value-for-money from any new or existing analytics software investment.

Our Toolset Selection service helps your organisation define its true analytics needs, translate these into the software functionality that you really need, and so fully justify your selection of software vendor. We can even assist you in estimating your return on investment, based on how you plan to use analytics.

Applying our proven, vendor-independent selection methodology and tools, we will guide you through an objective assessment of the offering of analytics software vendors. This covers classic vendor selection categories like software functionality, licensing models, support and user community.


Effective Information Management requires robust frameworks.

Our planning and architecture services provide complete frameworks for defining appropriate Data and Anaytics solutions and comprise the full suite of services including:

  • Business Case development
  • Data Warehouse architecture
  • Business Intelligence architecture
  • Integration of Data and Analytics methodology into client’s existing framework
  • Cloud/Hybrid/On-premise architecture
  • BI, ETL and Data Modelling standards
  • Master Data Management architecture
  • Design Data Governance processes and policies

Data Governance

A whole-of-business review of data handling, IT systems and processes.

With so much data to collect, store, organise and use, businesses need a clearly-defined program to manage it, and it has been demonstrated that companies with strong IT governance can earn at least a 20% higher return on assets than organisations with weaker governance (MIT Sloan School’s Centre for Information). Correct and efficient management of data can improve user acceptance, productivity, decision making, compliance and security – at the same time as reducing total cost of ownership.

An approach focused on effective outcomes.

Our approach to effective Data Governance follows carefully-considered steps that account for overall business priorities and help to identify quick wins that demonstrate the importance of the program. We look at your organisation as whole, making recommendations that cover Strategy, Structure, Policies and Standards, People, Process and Systems. By applying our Data Governance services businesses can improve the accuracy of their data capture, increase their operational efficiency and minimise risk and regulatory non-compliance.

Master Data Management

Planning for effective and adaptable control of your data.

Master Data is information that changes, and is created and controlled in a number of information systems. It can have complex dependencies and interactions with linked business processes, for example, a list of projects or assets and their attributes that are shared. Master Data Management reduces the need for re-keying, minimises errors and allows you to view an entire master file in one place to reduce fragmentation of information.

Our skilled team has a broad experience in Master Data Management solutions, applying methodologies that:

  • are flexible and adaptable, allowing you to respond to your changing needs

  • use standard technologies for easier integration

  • are extendable, allowing data to be migrated to a different solution

  • support a range of transfer methods

We consider appropriate integration strategies, planning how the systems that use the data interact with MDM and ultimately, we provide a framework for management of the master data.

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