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We make it easy by providing you with experienced Data Scientists, Data Engineers, methodologies and cost effective tools enabling you to quickly gain sustainable advantage.


Expert consulting in predictive analytics including machine learning and big data.


Our combination of data scientists and mining techniques finds patterns that uncover insights in your data delivering impactful, evidence-based business advice.

Predictive Modelling

Developing insights based on past behaviour, helping focus efforts and confine costs.

Text Mining

Used for unstructured data, such as sales rep notes, call centre notes, investigative notes or incident investigations. It is also useful for Government and Insurance organisations looking to prevent fraud or optimise case management.

Machine Learning

Used to solve particular prediction or optimisation problems. Our consultants utilise machine learning methods including classification, random forests and decision trees.

Big Data Analytics

We have the methods and techniques to help you garner business insights your big data holdings. We can leverage technologies either on premise on in the cloud.

Analytics Strategy and Roadmaps

Our proven approach to analytics strategy and roadmaps is focussed on how you can implement and sustain analytics best practices within your organisation.

Our strategy and roadmaps provide you with a current state view of analytics inside your organisation, a desired future state of analytics and a set of programs and projects to be executed over a period of time to reach the desired future state.


Analytics Health Checks

This is an assessment of how well your organisation is meeting its own analytics needs and examines key information delivery areas like quality (fit-for-purpose, timeliness) and efficiency (the effort you are expending). We also examine how your delivery and support team works to identify any issues and ‘gaps’ in strategy, infrastructure, data and various people dimensions.

The results help us create a business case for change, developing a high-level transformation roadmap that is prioritised by your business need, level of complexity and cost of change.

Since our Analytics Health Check is a vendor-independent, objective assessment, you can make investment and transformation decisions that best fit your needs.

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Public and private training programs enabling your team to become data scientists.


Ratchet up your analytics/ data science skills with our public and private training courses. We offer training courses in Data Visualisation, Data Storytelling, Data Governance, Dimensional Modelling and AI/ML all delivered on real world data sets.

Learn more about our private training on our Data Literacy Training page, or to find out when our next public analytics course is being held, visit our Public Training Calendar.