Cloud Cost Management: Altis Billing Dashboard


by Margaret Chan, Principal Consultant – Altis NZ

Being able to track and forecast spending on the Cloud Platform is one major challenge in cost management today. While the cloud offers scalability, consumption-based payment model can be hard to keep a tab on. The most common way is to utilise the cost management portal that comes with your public cloud to track usage and cost.

While it is possible to get insights from your cost management portal, however, it does not provide the necessary breakdown that you need, for example:

    • How much is each project spending?
    • What cloud services are costing me the most?
    • How is my current month’s spend trending?
    • What is being charged and how much?
    • Am I still being charged for services that I have stopped using?

Another way you can track your billing is to export of your usage and billing data to storage. This is our recommended approach as once you start exporting billing and usage data to storage, it can be tapped in by any data visualization tools to give you a more comprehensive view and breakdown of the organization usage and cost.

Altis Billing Dashboard can help you speed up that process. Designed based on best visualization practices, Altis Billing Dashboard allows you to analyze billing data across teams, projects, cost centers, and services, making it easier for your organization to manage cost and prevent bill shock. We can also customise the dashboard further for your organisation-specific needs.



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