Choosing the RIGHT internship for you!

So you have been inundated with information about upcoming internships and graduate positions, now it’s time to make the choice. Here are a few tips when looking to apply for the right internship for you:

Be Prepared

Most intern applications require current transcripts and an up to date resume. Make sure you include information that will make you stand out and if you are applying for a more technical role be sure to include any relevant technical experience and those personal-passion projects.


Choose Carefully

Before choosing you should take some time to get clear on what your objective is and what you want to gain from the internship. As you determine your objectives, don’t be clouded by the appeal of working at a major company when experience at a small business might be best for your career.


Do Your Research

Take some time to get to know the companies you are applying for. Prepare for your interview and ask thoughtful questions during the interview. Consider the company environment and what other interns have to say about the Company.


If you are interested in our internship and graduate programs be sure to keep an eye on our Careers Page.

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