Building an Azure Data Platform to Drive Performance in Air Traffic Management

by Chris Kearns, UK Regional Manager

Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL) delivers air traffic control and engineering services at some of the world’s busiest and most complex airports including Gatwick and Edinburgh Airport. ANSL have access to many and varied data sources but have been limited to analysing this data through largely manual means.

ANSL partnered with Altis Consulting, a specialist Data & Analytics consulting company, to deliver a Data Platform using Microsoft Azure to automate the ingestion and transformation of aircraft movement data. The Data Platform enables ANSL to provide improved self-service reporting and analysis capability via Power BI, driving performance in air traffic management.

Watch this webinar (recorded 12th Aug 2020) to learn more about the journey from defining the business problem to delivering the solution, and reaping the benefits.


  • Emma Hawksworth, Business Insights Lead, Air Navigation Solutions
  • Roger Light, Data & Analytics consultant, Altis Consulting UK
  • Chris Kearns, Regional Manager, Altis Consulting UK


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