An Introduction to Pragmatic Data Governance with Azure Data Catalog

by Dawie Kruger, Azure Practice Lead & Richard Roose, Principal Consultant – Altis Sydney

In this webinar, we discuss how you can pragmatically kick start your Data Governance initiative using the Azure Data Catalog. Use this link to view the free webinar, or watch it below.


As “Data Literacy” and Data & Analytics in organisations continues to mature, it’s becoming more important to capture this valuable business knowledge and make it easily accessible to the broader enterprise.

Azure Data Catalog supports this knowledge capture through two main access points:

    • The Data Asset Registry which makes data assets accessible/discoverable by the enterprise
    • The Business Glossary which provides the functions necessary to support Data Owners/Stewards in their day2day responsibilities of governing and managing data assets


We encourage you to connect with us and our team to talk about how we can help with your Pragmatic Data Governance Journey. We can help you determine the readiness of your organisation and organise a more in-depth technical demonstration if required.

As a special offer: Contact us before July 31st 2020 to take advantage of an Azure Data Catalog POC (approx. 5 elapsed days) for $5000, which includes:
    • Establishing/configuring the Data Catalog service within your Azure subscription
    • Training and support to harvest and import Technical Metadata into your catalog
    • Training and support to configure your Business Glossary for Business Metadata and subsequent tagging of Data Assets in the Registry
    • Training and support in adopting the key pragmatic templates that underpin data governance activities:
      • Data Governance Lifecycle
      • Subject Area Information Model
      • Data Visualisation Planning
      • Data Set Planning


Please see our Azure Practice page or contact us if you would like to know more about our Azure offerings.

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