Altis UK included as Bloom Professional Services suppliers

Altis are excited to be included on the Bloom professional services procurement site in the UK.

We are now one of the official suppliers of data and management information services listed by the company, allowing us to reach more potential business partners and clients.

Bloom is an online procurement site, specialising in providing a community where organisations in the public sector can find providers of specialist professional services. Buyers include county councils, health care providers and universities as well as housing and education authorities. The website is frequented by over 130 buyers and to date over 2,000 projects have been procured and delivered through the organisation.

In order to become a trusted supplier on Bloom, Altis UK went through an application process that included providing case studies of previous projects along with supporting references. Bloom contacted our references for feedback on the case studies and to gain insight into how Altis conducted the projects and their outcomes. We are happy to report we received positive reviews.

Altis UK have in-depth experience in providing data and information management services to the health and education sectors. Being a Bloom accredited supplier will allow us to continue this work and reach a wider potential audience within the public sector.

Interested in finding out more? Look up Altis on the Bloom Portal:

Bloom Procurement | NEPRO Solution

Bloom is opening up professional services procurement. We deliver the NEPRO solution, the compliant and efficient route to market for the UK public sector.

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