Altis Joins The Marshall McAdam Data & Analytics Podcast

by Guillaume Jaudouin, Head of Growth- Altis Sydney

In a recent episode of the Marshall McAdam ‘Talk Data To Me’ podcast series, our very own Head of Growth, Guillaume Jaudouin joined Tim Hutchinson.

They discussed a range of topics, including data & analytics trends, using data to save the Tasmanian Devil and all things Data4Good; a Not-For-Profit founded by Altis, encouraging corporations to use data to make a positive impact on the world.

Watch the full interview below.

Notable Timestamps

6:40 – About Altis

9:00 – Data & Analytics Trends

12:48 – Innovation

21:41 – Data & Industry 4.0

24:10 – The Future of Data & Analytics

35:27 – Data4Good

39:37 – Advice For Those Interested in the Data & Analytics Industry

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