AI: 3 weeks and you are improving your organisation

To compete and grow sustainable advantage, organisations need trustworthy insight derived from data.

The challenge is how to do this quickly and effectively, especially with every vendor claiming they have the “Silver Bullet.”

3 weeks to an outcome

If you work for a company or department that lacks trained and experienced Data Scientists, then your first project will take this long. The secret is that the cool algorithms of predictive analytics and machine learning only take a few days to apply, train and test. The majority of time in your first project will be spent sourcing and preparing the data. You will need a couple of days at the end to build the story, so that non-statisticians (most of us) understand the answer.

How we can help

First, we can bring the question. Often companies don’t know where to start because they don’t know what question to ask that AI can solve. Through our deep industry experience, Altis has consultants who understand your business or functional role. As a result, we can help workshop the first question or skip ahead and use one of our questions. For reference, we can do the customer and marketing questions, but we love the challenge of finding financial returns via supply chain improvements, asset maintenance optimisation and finance augmentation.

Second, we have both Data Scientists and Data Engineers. The Data Scientists identify the question, the appropriate algorithms, and define the data sets. The Data Engineers prepare the data and are passionate about productionising the outcome for continuous improvement. Often the Data Engineers are pretty good with the algorithms based upon experiences, but have not been formally trained in statistics.

Third, we believe in cheap iterations. Don’t get caught up in choosing the perfect tool. Your first project will be done with cost effective tools and as we deliver further short and sharp projects, we will define the right mix of tools that will work best for you based upon architecture constraints, use cases and price. Remember your first project is about getting a quick win and building momentum.

Lastly and most importantly, JUST GET STARTED. AI pilots cost between $25,000 and $40,000 and the cost may reduce on subsequent projects, as data sets become known and domain knowledge increases.

To get started on your AI journey, contact us or visit us at the upcoming Gartner conference in Sydney on the 26th & 27th February at stand S3.

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