As a people-first company we live by an ethos of doing things with conviction and committing to giving back within the wider community.

In simple terms, we make a commitment to building relationships and sharing the responsibility of delivering their outcomes.

Our difference

Combine our unrivalled experience, passionate people, unique training and collaborative approach and you have the perfect Data & Analytics partner.

The Altis Approach offers many reasons why engaging with us is a sound and successful decision. Here are just a few of our differentiators:

Focused on maximising your business performance

Ultimately we want to give your business a competitive advantage and help you make more effective use of your funding. Whether that’s through increased revenue or eliminating costs, improving your supply chain or staffing capability, we work to ensure you have access to information that’s easy to understand, so you can make the right decisions confidently.

The most experienced Data & Analytics consultancy in Australia, New Zealand and the UK

No other Data & Analytics consultancy has the depth of experience that we do – both in terms of the length of time and the size of our business. It means we have proven experience and we’re able to attract and retain the best people in the industry, to give you confidence in our delivery.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems certified

Altis is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information. As a reflection of that commitment, we are proud to have achieved and maintain ISO 27001:2013 certification, one of the most widely recognised and internationally accepted information security standards that few global businesses have attained.  You can feel safe trusting us with your data.

Connecting with Courage, Heart and Insight

This represents the core values of our business, and in simple terms it means we’re committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, and sharing the responsibility of delivering their outcomes.

One of the ‘Best Places to Work’

In 2007 we set ourselves a goal of being recognised as an employer of choice, and subsequently worked on developing a culture where every member of the team enjoys going to work every day. Our efforts have seen us recognised in BRW’s Annual Best Places to Work 10 years in a row since 2010 and is another reason why we’re able to attract and retain the best people in the industry.

A large pool of skilled, Kimball-trained consultants

There’s nothing worse than getting a project approved and then struggling to get the resources you need. It’s a sure-fire way of getting your project off to the wrong start and jeopardising your delivery before you’ve even started. We have a large pool of experienced consultants to give you absolute confidence in our delivery. Our consultants have been trained in the Kimball methodologies, so they know best practice on Data Warehousing, Dimensional Modelling and how to extract data from source systems.

Totally vendor independent

We’re a strategic partner with all of the large Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse vendors. We’re trained and certified on their platforms but importantly, we’re not resellers which means we can offer independent advice on the most appropriate solution for your needs, rather than recommending a solution for our own financial gain. The unique Altis Software Selection Methodology leverages our ability to understand the business requirements of end users and select the most appropriate software solution for present and future needs on a client’s behalf.

Direct access to world-class training

Our training business was introduced due to widespread frustration around the lack of trained resources. We are partnered with globally-recognised market leaders and brought them to Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Singapore so you have direct, local access to world-class training.

Transparent and collaborative

Many clients struggle to understand how consultants and vendors calculate their fees and pricing, which makes it difficult to understand what you’re actually getting. We’re transparent about our rates and how we charge, which makes it easier to work together and meet the budget. We take great care to ensure we’re easy to contract with, so you can spend more time focusing on optimising your Data & Analytics solution than worrying about legal terms and agreements.


Connecting with courage, heart and insight

Every single team member is passionate about growing trusted relationships, really connecting with our clients and leveraging our soft skills training and outcomes focus. We use our:

  • courage to tell it like it is and meet every challenge head-on
  • heart to care passionately about their business and outcomes
  • unique insight derived from years of industry experience to deliver real and positive differences.

These are the attributes that make us leaders in Information Management. In simple terms, we make a commitment to building relationships with our clients and sharing the responsibility of delivering their outcomes.


We invest significantly in relationship-building as a core part of our business and our success stems from our ability to build rapport with our customers and key stakeholders, partners and staff, to ensure we deliver key outcomes.


Internally, consultants are challenged on occasion, being thrown in the deep end to learn about something new; a new technology, industry or project approach. We ensure they feel comfortable and can connect proactively with others for help and support.

Externally, staff needed the courage to challenge our clients in a constructive way. Clients can sometimes focus more on the technology than the business outcomes, so we encourage our staff to assert best practice principles and assist in adjusting this focus as needed.


With such a strong emphasis on our staff, the heart revolves around the family element of our business. We genuinely care about what’s happening in people’s lives outside of work, and we recognise that work and life affect each other. It’s part of the reason we hire people more for their mojo, than their technical capability.


Innovation is important for every business and it’s why we’ve evolved from our beginnings as an implementation partner to designing and delivering tangible results that drive competitive advantage. We want to provide our clients with insights about their organisation which they didn’t know to make them more successful.

In the community

Driven by our desire to help and our own personal experiences, we think giving is as important as receiving and we help in a number of ways.

By partnering with Variety and passionate individuals, we aim to make a huge difference in a child’s life and their family’s too.

Our partnership with Variety

We’re thrilled to be partnered with Variety – the Children’s Charity for the past four years. Variety is closely aligned to Altis’ core values and gives our staff and customers the opportunities to volunteer and participate at a grass roots level in Australia and New Zealand.

Variety supports children in need through the provision of equipment, giving mobility to those who need it most, medical assistance, and supporting children in educational, sporting, or artistic endeavours and experiences. All purchases and grants for equipment and services are made directly by Variety to ensure that every dollar gets through to where it is needed most.

As a national not-for-profit organisation committed to transforming and enriching the lives of Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs, Variety’s mission is to help these children attain their full potential regardless of ability or background and to empower them to live, laugh and learn.

Today, Variety Australia delivers around $1 million in individual and organisational equipment grants every month, filling the gaps often left by governments and other organisations. Variety is often someone’s last resort to secure equipment vital to their children’s wellbeing.

Altis has been partnered with Variety, the Children’s Charity, since 2012 and we’ve donated over $150,000 so far. We have also volunteered for many fundraising events like the recent 30th Anniversary Variety Bash, Variety Cycle, Variety of Chefs, Fine China Luncheon, Grand Final Luncheon, The Great Australian Songbook, Santa Fun Run, Annual Ice Skating, Golf Days, Monster Book Fairs, and many many more.