May 23, 2015

Delivering Tangible Business Outcomes for 16 Years

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At Altis, we strive to not only be the Information Management (IM) partner of choice for our clients, but to also ensure that projects deliver tangible business outcomes for the business. This is where the true value of highly skilled consultants can make all the difference to a project. This positively affects the project being […]

Data quality – a never ending story


Data Quality Blog – A Never Ending Story                          Where’s a spell-checker when you need it? I was recently invited to provide one or more data quality anecdotes for a chance to win some glorious prize. I was hooked, more for the opportunity to […]

Sharepoint and Information Management Best Practices

A colleague and I recently attended Sharepoint Saturday in Canberra. A day-long conference of all things MS Sharepoint. The sessions were broad ranging, appealing to business focussed and highly technical alike. Most business intelligence tools in the market today are accessible via a browser-based interface or portal. With the increasing use of collaboration tools, integration […]

5 Key Components to Information Management

One of the most crucial tasks in an information management initiative is communicating that technology on its own is not the silver bullet to all information problems. There are key components that need to be addressed prior to initiating discussions regarding the technology that will meet the business needs. The key components to a successful […]