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Quickly cleanse and geocode your data using GNAF

We have developed a Microsoft template which will quickly enable you to cleanse and geocode your data.

How we help

Do you have location data that needs cleansing and quality geocoding?


  • A pre-built connection utilising the free GNAF (Geocoded National Address File) published by the Australian government (available since February 2016)
  • Pre-built logic allowing fuzzy matching of your location data to the GNAF data set
  • The ability to append longitude and latitude information to your existing data, allowing you to present your data geospatially
  • The ability to append ABS mesh block level data, allowing you to enhance your existing data with any ABS data set
  • The ability to understand behaviours of those located close together by appending neighbours of and address point
  • A proven solution, previously implemented at a government department to automate a highly manual process, with a match rate of 99%

Distinct benefits

Our pre-packaged solution allows you to:

Take advantage of the free GNAF data set and cleanse and geocode your own data without paying for cleansing services

  • Run this process repeatedly and on an ongoing basis as required, without incurring additional data service costs
  • Cleanse and enhance key data within your own environment without the need to send data elsewhere
  • Quickly deliver results and savings – the solution can be implemented in as little as 2 weeks

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