May 29, 2015

Sentiments toward Big Data

The Big Data & Analytics Innovation summit took place in Sydney  and it was insightful to hear what vendors and customers are doing in this space. It was difficult to find customers with fully-fledged operational core Big Data components but it was clear the market has a soft spot for Analytics. This was evident, based […]

Thinking Differently About Master Data Management

I’ve previously had a simplistic view of Master Data Management (MDM), that its aim was to build and maintain a ‘Master Entity’ that is clean, unique and free of data quality problems. Something that proves costly on most Data Warehouse Business Intelligence (DWBI) implementations. However after attending William McKnight’s Master Data Management course I now […]

7 Ways to Improve Agile Business Intelligence Development

Agile Business Intelligence principles are based on its cornerstone of small, quick iterations focusing on value at each cycle and building quality solutions in a time-boxed way, seems to be the right fit to deliver information management solutions. However many people end up disappointed, having been given unrealistic expectations. More often than not, clients are […]